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Kitabyte is Turkey's first self-publishing platform.
All books in here are published by its authors.

There are 2,857,120 words contained 1,027 books and 897 author inside now.

Read all these books takes 17 gün 5 saat .


You can select the free or low-paid and read many books you want. Both read online and download for reading from different devices.


If you join, publishing book is free. But we take a modest commission per sale of books you want to sell. If you want to ensure that you can also be shared!


You can ensure that your book publish on book stores likeGoogle Play Books and Apple iBooks etc.


E-books convert different format so they can be read on various devices. Anyone can read format they want.


You can get ISBN for you writed book. So, your book will have registered International Publishers Catalogue's.

Secure payment

You can buy books with secure payment using PayPal. Authors get payments through PayPal or IBAN.

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